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Why Nymble?

Welcome to Nymble - the AS-YOU-GO Internet service. With NO annual contracts, NO monthly bills and NO credit checks, Nymble is the AS-YOU-GO Internet that gives you incredible flexibility! You simply pay for what you need, when you need it. Our exclusive AS-YOU-GO Nymble Internet gives you super-fast high-speed Internet, 10 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up, so you can stay connected on your terms.


See what you can do with 250 GB!

You could listen to 54,000 songs on your favorite music service, watch 35 high-def movies on Netflix, surf the web for 14,225 hours, or enjoy 12,800 hours of gaming online with your friends. As you can see...250 GB of data will take you where you need to go!



You Make It Happen in 3 Easy Steps!


  1. Buy your Nymble Starter Kit at a participating location for $49.95. Your kit includes a Nymble Modem and 50 GB of data.
  2. Connect your modem to your cable line at home. It’s easy to do and each kit has easy-to-follow instructions.
  3. Click here to activate your service using your special Nymble Code. That's it! Now you can surf, download and stream!


Need More Service?


You can view your Nymble account anytime and add additional data to your active account.

INITIAL PLANS PRICE Data Expiration Expiration  
Nymble Starter Kit $49.95 50 GB Data 90 Days Order
Nymble 50 $15.95 50 GB Data 90 Days Add More Nymble
Nymble 250  $49.95 250 GB Data 90 Days Add More Nymble


Enjoy the freedom of being Nymble.